Suparat (Fern) Sawetamal

Global Engagement Lead

Curiosity and my eagerness to learn is what drives me. A simple comment on Amp’s Facebook status inquiring how design thinking works in the world of law and justice sector diverged me from my original path to become a corporate lawyer and led me to join TIJ Justice Innovation.

As an LL.B. student at Chulalongkorn University, I understand first-handedly how complicated the law and the justice system can be. While I was buried in codes, statutes, acts and legal textbooks, I was puzzled how the law can be the tool to help people access justice when they can’t truly comprehend or navigate it. Thus, I am on a mission to demolish the stereotype of the law and justice system as something so complicated that requires legal experts to crack, and make it accessible and easy to understand for any ordinary person. At TIJ Justice Innovation, we call it “people-centered justice”.

With a background in Business and Psychology from my first Bachelor’s degree at Brandeis University, USA, I strive to understand and empathize with the people, who are the customers of the justice system, and go the extra mile to deliver the services that best answer their needs. However, the justice system of our dream cannot be built by a single person alone; it requires collaborative ripple effects among various stakeholders within and beyond the justice sector. Thus, as a Global Partnership Engagement Lead, I connect, build relationships and strengthen bonds with individuals and organizations in- and outside of Thailand to create an environment that allows for Justice innovations to prosper.

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