Rethinking Justice for Innovators

With all ever-evolving technology, the world is constantly changing. While many aspects of life have been made easier and better, many populations are becoming more vulnerable. Has the shifted norms of the changes the meaning of ‘justice’? Is the current ‘justice’ delivery system still in touch with how people live their lives? Has the changing social dynamic deprived a certain group of people of vital resources? How should we respond to emerging and unprecedented ethical threads? What is our role in maintaining just and fair society?

Essentially, how can we rethink justice for the 21st century?


This 15-week class is designed to soak the freshmen of the School of Integrated Innovations, Chulalongkorn University, with multi-dimensional justice experiences through the journey to rethink what justice could and should mean for them, their community and the world.
With interactive activities and experienced guest speakers, the students will be taken on tour through 6 dimensions of justice:

  • Inequality
  • Gender
  • Environment
  • Business
  • Corruption & Culture
  • Technology

Using the human-centered approach as the main learning tool, the students will go around their community to empathize with people facing injustice, frame challenges and complete their final project by proposing solutions to tackle the justice problem close to home.

Designed to be their safe space, the class welcomes the students to exchange ideas and discuss with one another. There are also office hours during which the students chat with instructors, whether on class-related topics or any topic their hearts desire.