Mohamad Desgia (Desgia)


Hailing from Indonesia, Mohamad Desgia is a dedicated advocate for justice, education, and technology, with a profound commitment to empowering youth and promoting equitable access to justice on a global scale. Driven by a deep-seated passion, he endeavors to foster positive change and bridge societal gaps through innovative initiatives.


What things can represent you for justice? Why?

I can be symbolized by the mighty oak tree for justice. Just as an oak tree stands tall, providing shelter, and enduring through the ages, I stand firm in my dedication to upholding justice. The oak’s deep roots represent my commitment to justice’s foundational principles, while its expansive branches signify inclusivity, offering refuge to all seeking fairness and equality.

In one sentence, ASEAN youth forum made me realize _?

the immense potential of collaborative youth-driven initiatives in shaping a more just and equitable future for our region.


Final ‘Creative Material’

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