Jaime Rae Song (Jaime)


I am Jaime, an L.L.B. Undergraduate at SMU Yong Pung How School of Law. I am most passionate about international affairs and their intersection with Law. Thus, I am representing my university in international moot court competitions. I also seek to launch the Singapore International Law Association (ILA) Student Chapter.


What things can represent you for justice? Why?

An ant. Although tiny, ants make a huge impact when they gather together. They can build intricate burrows and nests, and even bring buildings crashing to the ground. By myself, though I may try my hardest, it is difficult to make a big and lasting impact on many others. However, when banded together with other “ants” committed to the same goal and purpose, I believe that we can achieve great things and make big differences together.

In one sentence, ASEAN youth forum made me realize _?

The ASEAN youth forum made me realise the urgency of having youth conversations about access to justice, and the role Law will play in our futures.


Final ‘Creative Material’

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