Ho Thi Kim Hang (Kim)


Passionate learner dedicated to social causes, particularly gender equality, with a strong focus on the intersection of economics and geography. Possessing foundational professional skills, I approach challenges with practical, effective solutions. Committed to ongoing personal growth and making a positive impact on society.


What things can represent you for justice? Why?

A magnifying glass represents my commitment to justice. Like a magnifying glass, I strive to closely examine and uncover the details of issues, ensuring transparency and fairness. I believe that justice is achieved through a thorough understanding of the facts and a relentless pursuit of truth, much like how a magnifying glass reveals hidden intricacies.

In one sentence, ASEAN youth forum made me realize _?

ASEAN youth forum made me realize the immense potential for collective action and collaboration among young leaders to drive positive change in the region.


Final ‘Creative Material’

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