Building Innovation Capital for
People-Centered Justice System

Number of impact partners who support on people-centered justice 

Number of people who experienced our justice-mindset shifting learning tools 

Number of justice innovation projects we are working on

Justice reform takes time. Building a people-centered justice system is our long term goal. We believe that to reach that goal, we need to build an ecosystem that enables such a system to be able to grow organically and sustainably. Collaborative approach and innovative solutions are the way forward. 

As much as we work hard to close the injustice gap, capturing and measuring impact is as important. Not only does it tell us how far we have come, but also reminds us whether we have come the right way. 

However, choosing the impact indicator to measure success annually that could reflect our long term goal is not an easy task. We are still learning as we go. The indicator sets we selected will evolve as we grow. 

This year, our mission is to build innovation capital for the justice innovation ecosystem. According to this mission, we value the number of impactful partners we can connect (especially those in the ecosystem of justice innovation), number of prototypes we are working on, and how many people have gone through our workshops and used our tools to learn about justice.

Numbers might be an easy to grab type of indicator, but it does not cover the whole story. We believe that failure is part of the journey. What matters most are the lessons we learned from those failures. We will share those lessons learned in our STORY.

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